Custom Engraved Name Badges
Employee Name Tags- Photo ID- Quality Hard
Full Color Name Badges with your Logo & Text

Printed name badges are very useful inside and outside of your business
They have your name, your position, and the company that you represent


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Name Badge



 identification tags





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custom name tags

Name Badges Size


1" x 3"


1.5" x 3"


1.75" x 3"

Extra Large

2" x 3"



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Above prices include
a standard back pin attachment & all
personalization required


Approve a druft

We provide visual proofs of your name badge specifications by email
to ensure you get exactly what you want.



 Photos & Information


 Send all information that the badges
will contain such as photos, names, titles, etc
Send your artwork in the following
formats:  JPG, BMP

  Background Colors


full color

  Standard Attachments


In order to best suit your particular badge accessories
needs, we can provide a variety of badge holders
and clothing tag fasteners including magnetic clips,
lanyards, standard pins.


standard pin

magnetic backer

swivel clip


Magnetic Backer

Swivel Clip



 No Setup Fee - Custom Logo

Full Color Custom Name Tags -
Name Badges  Personal Identification
, Employee Photo ID

All Badges are available
in Framed or Unframed Styles

 name badges

 The company logo, name, the employee name, and employee position
are the pieces of information that are usually printed on printed name badges.
They can be used in any work situation.

Metal Name Badges

 They are extremely durable and will retain their imprinted design indefinitely.

 Metal Name Badges
are available in a range of sizes.
The brushed gold or silver finish adds a touch of elegance and class to any name tag
  Name Badges Colors
Silver, Gold, White

metal name tags

Printed name badges are also
great as a promotional tool.
This is because employees network  
at conferences and seminars.  
They gain business for the company
this way,  so you want to view your
printed name badges as promotional materials for your business
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  Plastic Name Badges  
 Our plastic tags are durable and reliable  
 Full-Color Plastic Badges 
 are available in various shapes and sizes with multiple combinations of background & foreground colors.
Name Badges Frames
Gold Frames
Silver Frames

plastic id tags

Promotional Badges are a cost
effective promotional product
used by groups, organizations and charities to promote their brand.
By making sure your business name
and logo are on your printed name badges, you are making sure that your logo is making its way to other venues  outside of your business. 

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By providing your customers or prospective customers with a quality promotional item like a tote bag,
calendar, paper mate pen, water bottle or even a teddy bear with an imprinted tee shirt, you are keeping your name in front of them.
When they need your service or product, your name will be what they remember.

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